The Fastest and Easiest Way to Transfer Money

By Gavin | June 18, 2019

I am going to be addressing a question in a comment that I received on my Capital One 360 review post, if you are interested in Capital One, if you've been following me for like longer than a day, that like I absolutely love having one 360, I've known with them for over a year now.

And I am very impressed with just their online bank, the interest that they give their accounts, the fact that they do have brick-and-mortar locations, and I just love their bank, their electronic sinking funds that you can set up, I just love everything about Capital One 360.


The easiest way to transfer to or from Capital One 360

I just want to talk about the easiest way to transfer money to Capital One 360 to and from Capital One 360. If you have like multiple accounts with Capital One, of course, it's easy to just do inter-banking transfers, but if you have like multiple accounts, say like Bank of America, chase, any of those types of banks.

And you're trying to transfer money to Capital One or transfer money from Capital One to those bigger banks. I want to tell you what I figured out, so if you use zel it is like it happens like in seconds and minutes, like within minutes the money transfers. It's amazing.

Now someone had mentioned this in my comments and I was like I've been seeing them because I think with multiple banks.

I'm just I've known with Bank of America since I was 15 years old, and I don't know why I still have made of America, I just do, but I'm mostly bank with Capital One 360. My husband and I also have Chase and a couple of other banks in the USA, and just a couple of other banks, so we are constantly like moving around.

Transferring money with Capital One

At first, when I was transferring money with Capital One, it would take days like sometimes anywhere between like two to four depending on like what account I was transferring to and from. It just got to be a little, not confusing

But it was just taking a couple of days and we want things now down now, and so I figured out thanks to a viewer, thank you so very much for letting me know that Zell was the way to go, and so pretty much I figured out after doing a little bit of research.


Zell is actually owned by all of these banks and it's pretty much like a peer-to-peer way to transfer money, it happens within minutes. Let's say I want to transfer from Capital One to Bank of America, I can do that, and again it happens like within minutes. I've transferred money from Chase, I've transferred money to and from the trace, and from Bank of America to and from the USA.

Multiple accounts need to have multiple email addresses

I've also transferred money like to and from different Capital One accounts. Let's say like my daughter has an account, and then I have an account, I can transfer money to and from that way using Zell as well, and like I said it happens within minutes, so most of the bigger banks have Zell. You can just go on to your app or go online, and you can set it up.

Now I will say one thing about having Zell is that if you have multiple accounts you will need to have like multiple email addresses, and so my husband and I ran into this, and I have multiple email addresses, so it's no big deal.


But for every account you need like a different email address, and so that was like the only thing it can get a little confusing, you need to make sure that if you have multiple accounts you need to know which account goes with what telephone number or what email address, because you can use either or we just prefer to use email addresses because it's easier.

The quickest way and the safest way to transfer money

But again the quickest way and the safest way to transfer money is using Zell also, it is absolutely free, it's free to sign up, it's free to send money to the different banks, and I believe that that is because Zell is owned by these banks.

I mean Bank of America, there's a list, it says right here that Zell is owned by Bank of America, BB&T, capital 1, JPMorgan, Chase, PNC Bank, u.s. bank, and Wells Fargo.

I mean those are pretty much all the banks and then it doesn't say that it's owned by the USA, but I know that I have transferred money to and from the USA, and it's been like an instant.


That is it. Let me know if you use Zell I don't know if I'm like late to the game or whatever but like as I find things that are working I definitely want to let you all know just make your life easier.

I'll do all the footwork, I'll do all the research, and then I'll come back and let y'all know again it's easy to do it. It's instantaneous or within minutes, the money transfers which is way better than waiting a couple of days.

Because that was like my one hang-up with Capital One 360 was that to transfer money out, it was taking days. Again check out them, it's awesome, it's amazing, it's free,  and it's super easy, and it is very fast.

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