New Rules for CapitalOne Credit Card Holders

By Gavin | December 07, 2017

New Rules for CapitalOne Credit Card Holders

Now, to a big talker tonight. There's a popular credit-card company, out there morning, they will make personal visits. If you don't pay your bill ABC 15s Katie Connor is taking action to find out. If we can really expect a knock, at our door and give you the story causing lots of buzz  already on social media. Customers lit up social media websites when they read the company's new credit card rules, about personal visits at home and work.

But today, the company said the rules don't necessarily apply to everyone overnight. You got it what if there really was a Viking knocking on your door. Looking for your latest credit card payment. Let me do the talking it, would be intimidating. If it was the Vikings that came and as in the commercials Capital One says, it can do just that under new rules.

The company calls them personal visits. I'm not sure, I'd like that very much. I think, they have the right to do whatever they want I feel. Sorry for the credit card companies who can't collect the money. ABC 15 check the fine print of other credit card companies both. Wells Fargo and American Express say, card holders will be contacted via the phone or mail. But, not in person and not at work what about showing up at your work, absolutely not. Yeah, that's going over the line, but Capital One says, customers can relax the same set of rules that gets sent to card holders, also get sent to those who by sports vehicles through a secured loan. 

From the bank, Capital One said, if those buyers don't pay off their loans as a last resort. We may go to a customer's home, they got to do something. David Orman thinks, it's not the company that's the problem. It's how people manage their money. If somebody doesn't pay their bills, so they kind of lose their privacy.

I mean, if you pay your bills, they're not going to show up and Capital One says, it's sorry for the confusion and they are reviewing the language in the new rules. Because, they don't want to create any unnecessary insecurity among customers, Katie Steve yeah so what can.