How Do I Get Started of Capital One Secured MasterCard

By Gavin | June 18, 2019

The Capital One Secured MasterCard is a regular credit card that requires security funds. These funds act as collateral to help show us you're committed to using this card responsibly and unlike debit and prepaid cards. With this card, we send the payment information to the credit reporting agencies, this gives you an opportunity to build your credit which can help you get approved for a mortgage or a car loan.


How the Capital One secured MasterCard works

To get started, just apply, once approved we'll let you know your credit limit and the number of security funds that we require, you can't use your security funds to pay a balance, we'll get them back if you ever decide to close your account as long as you pay off your balance.

The secured card will also give you access to useful tools, like fraud alerts and payment reminders to help you on your way. Apply now for the Capital One Secured MasterCard and start building credit.

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