CapitalOne Platinum MasterCard (Review)

By Gavin | December 07, 2017

CapitalOne Platinum MasterCard (Review)

Salutations economic invincibility back and today, it is all about the money that is the capital one platinum MasterCard. I have no idea, why they call it platinum. If I was in charge of marketing, it would be aluminum or tin or copper or tarnish and obviously.

I would sell a lot more because, it sounds more elite right. This is one of the cards that is you've more than likely received a solicitation thrown, because they send them out, like freakin, hotcakes over the Internet texts certainly by snail mail and it's for good reason. They're trying to appeal to people who don't have much of a credit score. So, that's both an upside and a downside. If you are looking towards getting a credit card, the positive is that it's easy to get the negative is that.

There aren't as many perks as other cards, would provide to you but Capital One, you know, they kind of have a reputation of being the Walmart advance and it's a little bit unfair. It's just that, they're very aggressive at undercutting their competitors and that's why they grow so much. For the past 20 or so years, but this is a decent entry-level card. So, if you don't have much of a credit score. I would recommend giving it a look to go, just to the baseline. So you have no annual fee, always a positive thing.

I don't recommend people getting cards that have annual fees. Because, you probably don't spend enough to justify it and for the first 10 to 12 months, the cash APR is zero and then it goes to twenty three point, twenty four percent again, not a big issue. The only reason you should be concerned about APR is. If you are planning to carry a balance, from month to month and if you're doing that. You shouldn't have a credit card and I'm going to just do the whole pilot thing and wash my hands. Because, I don't want any part in that.

I don't recommend it at all, alright that's how credit card companies get rich that's how they screw you over. do not carry abouts pay it off every month. Okay beyond that in terms of financial. If you if you, pay on time to five or six months, they raise your credit line. Okay, very normal okay and then they have the best part of it. the real staple is that they give you a free credit sports service and they call like a credit track or service, which I'm guessing is better than that one offered by Experian which is basically really good, yeah.

You just checkout my other video on Experian, you'll see what I'm talking about. But in you know, this is a nice program. Because if you've just started, you don't have a credit score. It gives you a foundation upon which to build and see where you can go and what factors are affecting. From month to month, the fact that you have a particular score. So that's all good and I definitely commend them for including something of that. Sort in terms of aesthetics, as you can see the card is drab gray.

I don't know what it is with MasterCard same thing, with the huntingtin voice. I reviewed drab gray, just like me drab gray. I mean, it's the new style of draaby gray. It's not swaggy gray or swaggy gay. It's draaby gray. So keep that in mind that's the way to market your car that's the way the designing. But going beyond that the website is actually pretty decent and streamlined. It's easy to get to things, a little bit glitchy sometimes. But, heck they seem to have a decent IT team over at Capital One. So always a good thing, it's not like these other clunky big sites where you have to go through layers to find what you're looking for.

So all that, is you know you, give them a brownie point for that at the end of the day. This isn't the card, I would go for where I am right now. But obviously I have a different set of interests at stake if you don't have a credit score I would definitely look at picking this up if you do have an established credit score. However, you probably can do better with a car that has cash back or some sort of reward bonus. Because, this is just going to give you really the credit score not much else. But, if you are new to credit bear in mind that if you can get approved for this. It's highly more desirable than getting like a secured card. Because a secured card, you have to put your own money upfront and what happens is. they usually charge you an annual fee. In this case you you wouldn't be charged an annual fee so that's something to look into if you enjoyed this video you want to see more like it or you have specific questions of your own. I already got a couple of requests which I thank, you folks for and I'm working on them. 

But, if you have any questions, you know, let me know and I'll accede to try to address them. because that way will educate more people, will help people avoid the big quagmire of financial decisions, facing Millennials.