Capital One Savor Rewards Adds

By Gavin | June 18, 2019

Capital One is offering a new benefit on its saver rewards credit card, and that is a free post to mates delivery subscription. I'll tell you why I put that in quotes. Capital One is adding this new benefit to its saver rewards card, and that is one year, just one year of post mates delivery service for free now.

What's the saver rewards card

First off, this is the saver rewards card and not the saver one card. So there are two saver cards too Capital One offers. This is the card that has no annual fee in the first year and then has a ninety-five dollar annual feed every year after that.


So post mates is essentially a food delivery service, although they will deliver other things to you as well, and the way this offer works is that if you have the saver rewards card you can use that card to purchase the post mates unlimited service, which is a monthly service that cost $9.99 each month, and then Capital One on the other end will credit that $9.99 back to you on your statement.

So essentially you are getting the service for free now, post mates unlimited gives you free deliveries on whatever you want.

And you don't pay anything extra for any deliveries that you have that are of at least $15 in the purchase. There's no search surge pricing on this, so it's a way to instead of being charged for each time you use post mates. You're being charged one time per month, and then you get basically unlimited.

They'll give you some free issues

You're going to be getting that for free for one year. If you have the capital one saver rewards card now the catch here is that this works a little bit like how magazine subscriptions often do. They'll give you some free issues.

And then if you don't cancel afterward you have to start paying for and that's kind of how this works. So the reason they want you to sign up for it and pay for with Capital One card and then they credit you is because essentially you are paying to get the monthly subscription to post mates unlimited.


And if you don't cancel it after that one year has gone by it's going to continue to go on, you're going to continue to have it, but then you're going to start paying for it after that one year.

Now technically Capital One has said that this is a benefit that goes through December 2019, and as I'm making this post I'm assuming it's going to continue to be around for a while, and the December 2019 is going to change to January 2020,and all that kind of stuff as we go forward, but I don't know that for sure, that is my assumption.

My assumption is that is a one year deal that is going to keep kind of going out as the calendar moves along but for whatever reason, Capital One has specifically marketed it right now as of December of 2019. We'll say if I'm wrong on that, can't imagine that could be true that I could be wrong, but you never know.

Overall I looking at this, it's a nice extra perk to the Capital One saver rewards card, kind of fits the theme of what the card is, and it's like another enhancement, this mate that makes this a really great card in the first year, but then one said $95 annual fee kicks in not so much.

And this is like another thing that even sort of augments that, because there's another thing that you're getting in the first year, but you're not going to get it beyond that first year. This is a card that we like upfront and then you have to decide if that $95 annual fee is worth it, and for the most part, I would say that it's probably not worth it.

The cash back and opportunity bonus

But anyway this reason I like this card so much in the first year is because it's giving you four percent cash back on your dining and entertainment purchases, two percent on groceries, one percent everywhere else.

And you have a huge opportunity bonus wise when you first get this card, which is you can get $500 back if you spend 3,000 bucks in the first three months of having it which is a sizable bonus opportunity, and now you have the post mates unlimited perk put on there as well.


It's a great card in the first year, not sure if I would keep it after that once the annual fee kicks in, but this is definitely another reason that you might want to jump out there and get the card. If you don't have it already or if you already do have it then you have a nice new benefit that has been added on, so that's it.

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