Capital One Platinum Mastercard

By Gavin | March 05, 2019

You're researching the Capital One platinum card here with how to build credit TV, and in this post we're going to have a look at the Capital One platinum card and what it has to offer, so that you know what to expect if you're considering getting this particular card - the Capital One platinum card.

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I think that this is a good card to get the capital one platinum card because it's not a hard card to get. And if for some reason you can't get this particular card with Capital One you could always get the Capital One secured credit card. However, the Capital One platinum card I think is a really solid card, it's a card that's kind of marketing to everyone which I think is a good thing, because of the simple fact that just about anybody can get this card and they have some pretty good features initially when you get the card.

For example, you're able to get a credit limit increase after five monthly payments on time. I think that's good because increasing your credit limit is always a good thing for our credit score, and so that's one of the things that I like a lot about the card from Capital One. The fact that they were going to give me an automatic credit limit increase. I actually got this offer in the mail, and I was like that's kind of cool automatic credit line increase, and of course, there was no annual fee for the particular offer that Capital One sent out to me for this particular card that Capital One platinum card. So I was like I definitely want to get this card.

I got this card about four years ago when I was looking to rebuild my credit. Capital One was one of the first credit cards it was actually the only credit card at the time that I applied for because I knew that Capital One was a good Bank and I knew that there was a bank that I wanted to have a relationship with. So I went ahead and applied for this particular card that I'm doing a post on right now the Capital One Platinum Card.

What we're going to do for this portion of the post is we're going to have a look at the Capital One website and have a look at this particular credit card - the Capital One Platinum Card, so that you know what to expect in case you're considering getting this particular card. We're at the website here to have a look at the Capital One Platinum MasterCard. As you can see here the credit level that's required for this card is average, that means you don't have to have a really high credit score to get this card.

Also, one thing to pay close attention to is the reviews for this card there are 8, 508 reviews on the card and it's almost a complete 5 stars. That's very huge, that's something that you should pay attention to because a lot of people are reviewing this card or have reviewed this card, and they all have in common that it's a great card. So if you're interested in getting this card I would really encourage you to do your research and probably get started it's certainly one of the cards that I used to get me back on track to fix to my credit. The % rate the APR is a variable APR, it's twenty-four point seven four percent at the moment.

Let's go down here and as you can see on the left if this is what I love about this card access to a higher credit line. Get access to a higher credit line after making your first five monthly payments on time. That was one of the huge reasons for me to get the card because like when they sent it out in the mail I was like that's kind of cool. They're sending out their marketing right and I saw that I was like whoa access to higher credit line after just five monthly payments, that's really cool and that really encouraged me to get started, because I was interested in having a higher credit line.

But having a higher credit line is actually good for your credit score. So that's really good, there's a little credit score that they provide for you with credit wise. It's not the most accurate depiction of your credit score, but it's based on a different scoring model as what I should say right. So there's like the Vantage 3.0 scoring model versus the FICO scoring model, that's totally different.

The next thing says fraud coverage, you're covered by $0 for odd liability if your card is ever lost or stolen. This means you will not be responsible for fraudulent purchases and of course, there's the mobile app. I love the mobile app I get on here and pay my bill all the time I never get online, I just get on the mobile app and pay my bill from my bank and it's good to go.

As you can see here there are a platinum Platinum MasterCard benefits right, there's extended warranty. You'll get additional extended protection at no cost on items that you purchase with your credit card. That's pretty cool, there's auto rental insurance to rent a card with a credit card, and you can be covered for the damage due to collision or theft. So that's really cool in general.

When I rent a card I always decline the insurance, because I'm like now I'm good when in reality actually always get insurance. There's travel accident insurance, get automatic insurance for a loss of life or limb at no extra charge when you use the credit card to purchase your fare. That's a funny loss of life or limit no one charge. That's pretty scary.

Then there are 24-hour travel assistance services if your credit card is lost or stolen you can get an emergency card replacement and a cash advance. There's also 24-hour roadside assistance if your car ever breaks down or if you get locked out. Call us and we'll send someone to rescue or someone to the rescue.

And then there's price protection, price protection it says reimburses you the difference in price on eligible items, should you find a lower price for the same item within 60 days from the date of purchase when you pay with your credit card. And those are actually some good benefits, getting the card as I said.

Once again this card has no annual fee and it's a great card, you will be able to access a higher credit line after five months of paying on time. That's really good and more importantly the reviews kind of speak for themselves. Like I said 8500 people gave a review on this card and it's almost a complete full five stars.

If you're interested in this card definitely go to the website and check it out.