Capital One Business Cards

By Gavin | January 05, 2020

This is just a short post to tell you about these amazing welcome bonuses on the Capital One spark cards. There are two business credit cards, the Capital One spark cash for business and the Capital One spark miles for business.


The Capital One Spark Cash For Business

Let's start with the spark cash. They are offering a signup bonus of a whopping two thousand dollars cash, a two thousand dollar sign up huge bonus, it's a two-stage thing. You get five hundred dollars in cash back for the first five thousand dollars in spending in the first three months, and then the second stage is that you get an additional $1,500 cash back for fifty thousand dollars worth of spending in six months, which is a total of two thousand dollars in cash back now.

This card earns two percent back on everything, no limits, is like Citi double cash, but for business, two percent back on everything. That means on that fifty thousand dollars in spending you're going to earn a thousand dollars in cash back anyway, so that's a total of three thousand dollars when you include that with the bonus.

That's a return of six percent on your first fifty thousand dollars worth of spending if you do it within six months, that's a pretty good percentage return. It may not be as impressive as some sign up bonus percentages, but if you think about it for fifty thousand dollars worth of spending, if you look at other cards, they sometimes have up to six percent bonus categories, but they limit it to less than fifty thousand dollars worth of spending. Let's have a look.

Compared With Personal Card The Cash Back Is Huge

We'll look at a personal card first, the American Express blue cash preferred, this offers six percent on US supermarkets, but it's limited to six thousand dollars in spending per year. That's nothing, it also owns six percent on streaming services cashback, but the spending on that is very small anyway. Netflix is what like $10 a month, the new Disney one is like $4.99 or so, really not very much.

Now if you look at a business credit card or comparable business credit card, the Amex business cash, another American Express, that earns two percent, but only on the first fifty thousand dollars worth in spending each year, and then goes down at one percent. This gives you six percent on fifty thousand dollars, and then it goes down to two percent. It's quite a good deal.

The Capital One Spark Miles For Business

Let's have a look at the Capital One spark miles for business now. This is a very similar deal, but it's with miles instead of cash back, it's the same kind of thing, you spend $5,000 in three months and you will get 50,000 miles, and then you spend $50,000 in six months, inclusive of what you've already spending you get an additional 150,000 miles.

That takes you to 200,000 and then because it earns two miles on everything, and every dollar spent you're going to get an additional hundred thousand miles for that 50 thousand in spending, so you get 300 thousand miles in your account. That's quite a lot.

Now these miles can be redeemed either for a statement credit for travel in which case they would be worth $3,000 or transferring over to transfer partners. Remember when you transfer to Capital One's transfer partners it's 2 to 1.5 ratio. It's not one-to-one like Chase Amex a Sarah, not quite as good, but you may still be able to get more than 1 cent in value per mile if you transfer to partners.

There're Massive Sign Of Bonuses

As long as you're booking say business or first-class on routes that do not have high fuel surcharges, you can probably get 1.5 or up to 2 cents in value per mile still, even though you're transferring a 2 to 1.5, and would give you maybe $6,000 in value for the signup bonus on the miles. That the miles card which is huge, there be like 12% on every dollar spent for the first $50,000, but anyway it's really up to you to get that value out of it.

It depends whether it's convenient for you, depends on the flights at Sarah, a lot of variables, but at least $3,000 in value there. Now both these cards have no foreign transaction fees and have a $95 annual fee, that's waived for the first year.

They're what I would call tier three cards in my five tier credit card tier system. They are business cards, and do remember with Capital One, even though their business cards Capital One does report business card activity to the consumer credit bureaus.

If you're someone who's trying to keep under 5:24, this may not be the card for you, but if that isn't a problem for you then you might be interested in these cards, and there're massive sign of bonuses which are limited time offers, not sure when they are ending. I couldn't find that information, but they are limited time offer.