Capital One 360 Review | CapitalOne

By Gavin | July 26, 2018

Capital One 360 Review | CapitalOne

This is a review at Capital One 360, after have been using them for almost a year, concludes what do you like, what do you don't like, what are the pros and cons.

What kind of freedom and a budget, and I'm so excited to bring you another update at Capital One 360 review, I've got so many requests to do this, I did one back I think last April, and just talking about what I love about them, and so many people have said you've been using them for almost a year, now what do you like, what do you don't like, what are pros and cons, please give us an update, so I'm going to dig right into that.

But before I do so, this happened this weekend, I got engaged, so I'm going to be doing a live video with you the next couple days, where I give you all the details and everything was so much fun, just little details that he put into it to make it so special, so I can't wait to do that with you, if you see a little bling flashing around, you know what that is, so I got a couple questions, and just want to give you a couple facts and different things like that.

One of the questions was from radiant reviews, "hi, I was curious to see how easy it is to access the money from these accounts if you need to withdraw the money, how easy is it to get?" I've heard of a lot of people not being able to access their funds for several days, I'm so worried about the liquidy of it, so I use it for all of my sinking funds, so it's not more of that day-to-day cash that I need, it's more of the long-term savings or like once every six months, where I have to pay my car insurance, run things like that, but if you do need instant cash, they do have a number of ATMs everywhere, where you can go, so just to see how available they were, I went and put in my zip code on their website to see what ATMs were available, and they were all over the place, there was like 36 within a five-mile radius of my home, so why I just go one of that grocery stores in this and that, and they waived the transaction fee for you, so you can use regular ATMs throughout your community.

If you do me that that instant cash, and if you don't, it takes three days to transfer it from one account to the other from an outside account, if it's within Capital One 360, like we have your savings and checks and checking account in the same both with Capital One, it's instant, which is awesome, but three days transfer from an outside accounts, and I've learned that.

If you go through the Capital One 360 website for the transactions, there's no fee, now if you do or at least with my bank with Bank of America, if I did the transfer from their account to Capital One 360 from their website, there was a three dollar fee, but if you do it through the Capital One, no people, whatever you can transfer either way to Capital One from Capital One, either way no fee, which is awesome, and just some quick facts about them, there's no minimum balance at all, whatsoever with savings, checking, is anything like that, the interest rate is point zero five percent, so almost a four percent, which is higher than CD rate and there anything like that, so that's incredible of almost a whole percent, point nine five four interest rate, mobile deposit checks, I deposit all of my checks through them, whenever I'm doing any side house on babysitting, whenever I get home ice on the back and do mobile deposit, which is awesome.

Multiple ATMs which you can use notes feed a three days to transfer, and then also everyday home life had some questions as well, has there any verb and anything that has caused a fee, no, there hasn't, like I said, the transfer as long as you do it from the right account from Capital One 360, there isn't going to be a fee, and what is your favorite and least thing about it favorite is probably just seeing that interest rate, seeing it grow and seeing how productive it is.

My Bank of America one, I don't even remember what the in the savings rate was, but it was I think point zero, maybe zero one percent, it was super low, and so I would have thousands of dollars in there, I get penny a month which was like seriously, so that's my favorites, probably the interest rate, and also you can split up the account, so you can split it up within the same account, so if you have your sinking funds, you can have multiple different accounts in it, so it separates it from you, so if you want to have the wedding fund, the car insurance fund, the gifts fund, the Christmas funds, the medical fund, it's all in one, the linked account, but you can separate it, which is really cool, because you can really see how much is each one, if you don't want to have it in Excel, which I have mine in Excel, just one, the big one, but that's a great way to see how it is.

My least favorite thing is probably the three day transfer, but that's with all banks, so it's not, and he went specific to Capital One and that's just the one that kind of it's what it is, and how long does it take to, and trends for money, so three days, that is my review on Capital One 360.

If you have any more questions on them, please leave them down below, and then I can answer them back to you in the comments or an email or in the next domain.